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ISBN: 9781853454592


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Mettle For New Christians

LORNE CAMPBELL   Paperback   Devotionals

Produced in partnership with YFC, METTLE FOR NEW CHRISTIANS is an introduction to the Christian life for 14-18 year olds. This 40 days worth of Bible reading notes is unique in its approach. It begins with a personality quiz to help the reader identify the best way to commit to reading the notes. The daily readings are then divided into four themed sections: Me, Jesus, Living and Others. Each day’s notes includes a Bible reading and key verse, a thought on the topic, followed by a vital personal application section ’What’s it to me?‘. There is also a challenge, prayer or something to think about for the day. In addition to biblical teaching, this 40-day guide will help new Christians to grow in their understanding of their new spiritual life and to apply each day’s topic to their daily lives. Highly practical and very engaging!

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