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ISBN: 9398711282497


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Machine Gun Preacher (Special Edition)

  DVD   Movie

DVD Machine Gun Preacher (Special Edited Edition)

*Special Edited Edition contains less violence and language. Contains adult themes not suitable for children.

Based on his inspirational true story, Sam Childers makes the life- changing decision to go to East Africa to help repair homes destroyed by civil war. Outraged by the unspeakable horrors faced by the region’s vulnerable people, especially the children, he ignores the warnings of more experienced aide workers and breaks ground for an orphanage where it’s most needed. It also happens to be the in the middle of territory controlled by a renegade militia force, the LRA- Lord’s Resistance Army, that forces children to become soldiers before they even reach their teens.

Region 4, PAL. 122 minutes. Rated MA.

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