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ISBN: 653437581439


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BETHEL 2019   CD   Worship

VICTORY offers a diverse sonic landscape, ranging from rustic, gritty tones in songs like “Ain’t No Grave” and “Stand in Your Love” to more anthemic, familiar sounds in songs like “Promises Never Fail” and “Victory is Yours”. With an unwavering confidence in the goodness of God, VICTORY invites listeners into greater faith, and ushers them through the doorway of breakthrough.


1 – Raise A Hallelujah
2 – Goodness Of God
3 – Aint No Grave
4 – Stand In Your Love
5 – Victory Is Yours
6 – There Is A Name
7 – Promises Never Fail
8 – Praise Is The Highway
9 – Drenched In Love
10 – Every Crown
11 – How Great A King
12 – Christ Is Risen
13 – Living Hope
14 – Endless Allluia

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