The Cafe at Cornerstone has closed down permanently.
It will not be re-opening!

Please understand it is only the Cafe that has closed.

The Bookshop business will continue trading.

After more than a decade of having the Cafe as part of the ministry here at Cornerstone Books, we are sad to say that the Cafe has now closed down permanently.

Although I’m sure you will miss what we had to offer at the Cafe, we are excited to step into this new season with a fresh vision. A season where we can return our main focus, energy and resources back to the core ministry of the bookshop.

One thing we want to do as we move forward, is to potentially set up the much loved courtyard area as a place for people to intentionally seek God. A quiet, peaceful, relaxing space. A space to retreat from our busy and sometimes chaotic worlds, a space for personal bible reading, reflection and prayer. Our hope is that many will come to know a deep sense of God’s love and grace for them in this place, in this way.

We are not rushing into this next stage, and will take our time to work out the best way to implement this new vision.

We thank you for all of the love and support the cafe has received and trust that you will be able to join in our excitement for this new season.

With much love,

All of the staff at Cornerstone

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